Laguna Beach: Complete First Season [Import USA Zone 1]

9781415711996: Laguna Beach: Complete First Season [Import USA Zone 1]
Description du produit :

MTV series following a group of wealthy high school teens from Laguna Beach, California. Their lives are almost too perfect to be real - good looks, houses by the beach, even close relationships with their parents. They shop, plan parties and get brand-new cars wrapped in a bow for graduation. At the centre of Season 1 is the love triangle between good-girl narrator LC, her childhood friend Stephen, and his beautiful but cold girlfriend Kristin, who likes to mention at any opportunity how much she 'hates' LC. Other highlights for the seniors include spring break in Cabo, birthday bashes, one character's embarrassing audition for a Broadway show, and the repetitive mantra: 'Can you believe this is the last time we'll be together like this?' Episodes comprise: 'A Black and White Affair', 'The Bonfire', 'Fast Cars and Fast Women', '18 Candles', 'What Happens in Cabo', 'The Best Part of Breaking Up', 'The Last Dance', 'Grin and Bear It', 'Graduation Day', 'The First To Go' and 'Dunzo'.

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