Where Is My Brother?: A True Story

9781419651946: Where Is My Brother?: A True Story

Adelina Gina was born on May 16, 1948 in Tirana, Albania. After graduating in Albanian language and literature from the State University of Tirana in 1970, Mrs. Gina worked as a journalist for the newspaper “The Teacher” until 1976, at which time she was fired for her strong political beliefs. Afterwards for many years she worked as a literature teacher in Ismail Qemali High School in Tirana. The screening of her play “Someone Came” in 1972 was stopped by the Albanian government because it was considered to be “modern and subversive.” Her book, “Where is my brother?” was published for the first time in Albanian in the United States, by Kurti Publishing in 2002. Mrs. Adelina Gina has published periodically on the arts and culture in various newspapers. She currently lives in the United States.

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From the Back Cover :

"Sister," the soldier said, "it's best if we go, don't you think?" I only heard: "Sister..." and I came to my senses. My brother used to call me sister jokingly. I hugged the soldier, placed my head on his shoulder, and cried. "You will be okay," he managed to say. Those words, under any other circumstance, would have made me laugh because they didn't really go with the occasion, but the soldier was in shock and saying those words made him feel better. He said it as if I had endured a sickness, and not a loss of life. I smiled at them between my tears, gave them my hand and we climbed up to the road. Climbing up was even harder than coming down; the soil was very slippery and the bushes were itchy. It was hot. It was 15 of August, 1976.

About the Author :

Çezar Kurti was born in 1935. After completing his studies in Russian philology and in Law, he worked for many years as a journalist and then as the professor of Russian language and Albanian Stilistique at the University of Tirana, where he became the Chairman of the Russian Department. He is a prolific writer and translator. His works include Morphology and Syntax of Russian language (1972), English-Albanian Polytechnical Vocabulary (co-author, 1992), Learn Albanian (1996), Albanian-English Conversations (1987) Ucitesj Albanskomu Jaziku (2006). Ç. Kurti has also translated many works of world literature into Albanian, like Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, Antoine de Saint Exupery's Wind, Sand and Stars, Shakespeare's Sonnets (1993), F. Dostoyevsky's Records from the House of the Dead (1994), Schallamov's The novels of Colyma (1995), Dante's Inferno (1996), Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra (2004) etc. In 1989 he edited Tolstoy's War and Peace in Albanian. As a journalist he has written many articles on the state of politics in Albania.

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