George Stevens - D-Day to Berlin

ISBN 13 : 9781419801440

George Stevens - D-Day to Berlin

9781419801440: George Stevens - D-Day to Berlin

<p>George Stevens' D-Day To Berlin (DVD)</p><p>Academy Award(R) winning director George Stevens' personal and comprehensive documentary of World War II, from the invasion of Normandy to the fall of Berlin. Photographed in color for the first time. Written, produced and narrated by George Stevens, Jr. Director: George Stevens Starring: George Stevens, Jr.</p>

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Review :

Some of the most vivid, indelible images of World War II can be found in George Stevens: D-Day to Berlin. Along with an Army-enlisted band of Hollywood veterans known as "The Stevens Irregulars" (including cameramen Joseph Biroc and William Mellor, screenwriter Ivan Moffat, novelist Irwin Shaw, and others), the great director of Gunga Din traveled from the shores of Normandy to the ruins of occupied Berlin, capturing pivotal episodes of history on home-movie magazines of Kodak color film, which his son later crafted into this riveting 46-minute documentary. The narration by Stevens Jr. is rather listless, and other voiceover contributors from the "Irregular" crew are not specifically identified, but their visual account speaks for itself, with unforgettable images of liberated Paris on August 25, 1944 ("the greatest day of my life," said Stevens Sr.); the surrender of 320,000 troops in Germany's Army Company B; the wretched aftermath of the Battle of the Bulge; the discovery of a gigantic underground V-1 bomb factory in Nordhausen, Germany; Hitler's mountain hideaway in Berchtesgaden; and, most horrifically, piles of corpses at the Dachau concentration camp. The color images remain crisp and remarkably lifelike, as if they were shot just yesterday, bringing even greater significance and poignant importance to footage that will surely stand forever as a testament to some of humanity's brightest and darkest hours. --Jeff Shannon

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