Atomic Betty, Vol. 1 - Betty, Set, Go!

ISBN 13 : 9781419813603

Atomic Betty, Vol. 1 - Betty, Set, Go!

9781419813603: Atomic Betty, Vol. 1 - Betty, Set, Go!

To the universe at large, she's "Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos!" But here on Earth she's just one of the gang - and that's just how she likes it. Sure, it's not easy defending the galaxy when you've got tests to take and homework to do, but lucky for us when duty calls, she's always the first to answer. From the blackboards of Moosejaw Heights Junior High to the bridge of her Hyper-Galactic Starcruiser, follow Betty through eight totally awesome action-packed episodes as she zips across the solar system on a daring mission to rid the universe of evil! Runtime: 88 minutes.

DVD Features:
Interviews:An exclusive music video starring Tajja Isen, the voice of Atomic Betty.
Music Video

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Review :

Atomic Betty is a preteen girl who loves to hang out with her friends and wants desperately to fit in at Junior High--not an easy task for any prepubescent girl, but especially difficult for one who leads a double life as a galactic guardian who's constantly on-call. In this 96-minute collection of eight television episodes, Atomic Betty is urgently needed for missions as diverse as transporting scientists with top-secret inventions to another planet, pilling a dragon, and saving an entire planet's population of peace-loving environmentalists. Atomic Betty's arsenal includes a proficiency in martial arts, a powerful bracelet, an old-fashioned slingshot and an uncanny ability to complete her galactic missions just before she's due back on earth for some important school event. This action-packed series features a heroic preteen girl that's sure to appeal to viewers ages 5 to 9. --Tami Horiuchi

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