Anthony Trollope Collection [Import USA Zone 1]

9781419823152: Anthony Trollope Collection [Import USA Zone 1]

This six-disc set contains three BBC adaptations of Anthony Trollope novels. Includes:

Barchester Chronicles - adaptation of Trollope's great classics The Warden and Barchester Towers. The quiet cathedral city of Barchester is turned on its heels with the arrival of the new Bishop and his domineering wife, and the cosy life of Rev. Harding and his colleagues will never be quite the same again. An amusing, affectionate look at the politics and pleasures of 19th century rural England filmed in the beautiful surroundings of Peterborough Cathedral.
He Knew He Was Right - Louis Trevelyan's refusal to believe in his wife Emily's fidelity destroys a perfect marriage and drives him, literally, insane. Suspicious beyond reason that she is having an affair with Colonel Osborne, a man of dubious reputation, he forces his wife out of the house, hires the seedy private detective, Bozzle, to spy on her and organises the kidnapping of their son with devastating consequences. Throughout, Emily's proteststions of her innocence, and the couple's love for each other despite the estrangement, render the story moving and tragic.
The Way We Live Now - Set against the backdrop of the railway boom of the 1870s, this epic tale of Victorian power and corruption captures the turmoil as the older is swept aside by the brash new forces of business and finance. It is packed with the trials and tribulations of young love, the enduring values of honourable men, the raw energy of one of the most powerful cities on the world and the greed and corruption that lay below its glittering surface.

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Description du produit :

Three TV adaptations of the novels of Anthony Trollope. Oliver Dimsdale stars in 'He Knew He Was Right' (2004) as Louis Trevelyan, who is unable to believe that his wife Emily (Laura Fraser) is faithful to him, and begins a sequence of events that destroy his marriage and drive him completely mad. In 'The Way We Live Now' (2001), David Suchet plays Melmotte, a great financier who arrives in England and announces a profitable new venture. All manner of people sit up and take notice, not least the aristocratic-yet-impoverished Carbury family. However, the power of big business and the privileges of the old order seldom sit well together, as the Carbury family will soon learn for themselves. 'The Barchester Chronicles' (1982) is a seven-part adaptation of Trollope's two novels set in the fictitious Victorian town of Barchester. Reverend Septimus Harding commands the respect of his parish, and with his son-in-law installed as the Archdeacon, intends to keep religious authority within the family. Zealous reformer John Bold comes into town to rail against Harding's ecclesiastical monopoly, creating unease amongst the reverend's hitherto devoted flock.

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