Dylan McClung Beginning Dart

ISBN 13 : 9781430257974

Beginning Dart

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9781430257974: Beginning Dart

With Beginning Dart, discover a new way to take a web project rapidly from prototype to the scale of a large application like Gmail and beyond. Understand how Dart breaks through the limits of the existing web browser and JavaScript. Learn the Dart language by following the complete development of a fun, realtime web app tracking customer’s beer mugs.

"JavaScript is great, but..." You hear that sentence a lot from developers...it's not object-oriented, ...it doesn't scale well, ...there's no type checking, and so on. Dart changes all that. JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language that was not intended for the large-scale applications that people are building with it today. From the outset, Google set out to make Dart the language that web developers need today. It is better structured, more secure, and more powerful than JavaScript, yet it remains easy to learn and start programming with. Beginning Dart collects all the information developers will need to hit the ground running using this exciting Google technology.

Beginning Dart encourages Dart best practice from the start, showing you how to write extensible and truly modular code. You'll see how to use unit testing and test-driven development in your projects, as well as the best ways to write performant web applications. In addition to learning the Dart language, you'll cover more advanced topics such as programming the Dart VM and contributing to the Dart project.

What you’ll learn

  • The differences between JavaScript and Dart
  • Dart programming best practices
  • How to write performant web application clients
  • How to interoperate with existing JavaScript libraries
  • How to write server-side Dart programs
  • How to manipulate the DOM with Dart
  • How to program 2D animation with Dart
  • How to use Isolates for concurrent tasks
  • How to deploy your application across all browsers
  • How to use web sockets
  • How to implement a front-end web server with Dart

Who this book is for

Beginning Dart will appeal to professional and hobbyist web developers building next generation web applications where performance, maintainability, and extensibility are primary concerns.

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