Wandless, David Natural Magic

ISBN 13 : 9781446141632

Natural Magic

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9781446141632: Natural Magic

Lucy Alam has only days to live. She has always been a sickly child so she accepts it without question and prepares to say goodbye to her family. She is saved by the most unlikely source. Just before she dies Rosmerta, a shaman of a roving tribe of travellers, uses Earth Magic to save her. Instead of dying she is reborn refreshed and stronger than ever believing that she is a member of Rosmerta's tribe. And, she can use magic!What follows is a voyage of discovery. Together with her best friends Dana and Alexa she is drawn into one adventure after another with each becoming more dangerous than the last. Can Blanca's new-found magical abilities save them or have they taken on too much this time? Natural Magic series will leave you wanting more.

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