Speakout Elementary Students' Book with DVD/Active Book CD-ROM and MEL Access Card Pack

9781447979326: Speakout Elementary Students' Book with DVD/Active Book CD-ROM and MEL Access Card Pack
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Lessons in the 'Students' Book cover all four skill areas as well as grammar and vocabulary.  Each unit ends with a DVD lesson based around an extract from a BBC programme which provides a springboard for meaningful speaking and writing tasks.


Models of authentic English are also provided through ‘on the street’ interviews filmed by the BBC.


ActiveBook is the Student's Book in digital format with integrated audio and video from the course and includes: 


Easy navigation of the Students' Book pages with a zoom facility


Video and audio available at the touch of a button


Video Podcasts with accompanying worksheets


BBC programme clips that can be played in a DVD player or computer


MyEnglishLab is an online platform that helps with vocabulary and grammar practice. It instantly grades student answers and gives them meaningful feedback, saving teachers time and energy. Insightful analytics give teachers the whole picture of each class’ performance and help track individual student's performance. 


Progress is a fully automated test package which objectively and accurately measures student progress across all skills during the course, and outputs detailed score reports providing actionable insights to inform learning. It is now full integrated with Speakout MyEnglishLab.

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