Herbert George Wells Anticipations

ISBN 13 : 9781449995393


9781449995393: Anticipations
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Anticipations was one of the first books dedicated to surveying the future. This work contains the details of the rise of the "New Republic", a system of world governance and scientific control. "Anticipations ranged widely in its subject matter, from the future of transport to the future of world order... Wells looked ahead to the first aircraft and to broad highways teeming with automobiles, busses, and trucks. Suburbia would triumph over city and countryside... one vast unbroken sprawl of middle-class life would reach from Boston to Washington. [Wells] foresaw the collapse of capitalism and the nation state system in great technologically advanced total wars that the tycoons and the politicians could not, ultimately, understand or control. Power would slip through their fingers. They would be swiftly replaced by the technically competent, by scientists and engineers and managers, who would learn from their errors and build a world state of peace and plenty." Binghamton University history professor and futurist W. Warren Wagar

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