Denis Law An Icon of the 20th. Century

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9781456597719: Denis Law An Icon of the 20th. Century
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The author Bill Mackie, was born in Aberdeen in 1954, some 14 years after the subject of this book. Bill was born into a similar low income family with housing much the same as where Denis Law was born. The difference being that 6 Printfield Terrace is still there, where as Young Street, where I was born was knocked down in 1956. Bill grew up in Aberdeen and at just under 19 years of age, he joined the Army and in 1977 was finally able to get a posting to his home Regiment - 1st. Battalion the Gordon Highlanders. The Gordon Highlanders were disbanded in 1994 after 200 years of loyal service. Their Museum is still in Aberdeen, and monies from the sale of this book have been promised to the Museum. The Gordon Highlanders were more than a Regiment, they were a family. But the Gordons Old Brigade still meet across the globe in their local Association Branches. Bydand for Ever.

Présentation de l'éditeur :

If Association Football became the new Religion of Post War Britain then Denis Law is surely an Icon of the 20th. Century

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