The Rooms: Addiction Recovery 101

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9781460976166: The Rooms: Addiction Recovery 101

This is a fictional story about N.A. meetings called the Rooms by recovering addicts. Everybody suffers from some form of addiction. Be it food, shopping, even chocolate! Sadly with the advent of the internet we now have serious addictions to video games, and so called social sites that rival and in many, cases are worse then addictions to drugs! this is a play about addicts sharing as they call it their experiences with drugs that causing them to lose everything. They speak openly, and some times angrily about their battle to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Without a doubt, this play will make you laugh, cry, and give you a realistic moral to the madness called drug abuse, curious? Then venture with me into the depths of oblivion. Be that fly on the wall, to hear the seemingly unbelievable bottom these recovering addicts have fallen to. Then experience with them the battles they fight to regain, and maintain a acceptable position in society. Needless to say, you will be awe struck...

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About the Author :

Sigsby Cheatham aka Khalid Ben Re, was born in Jersey City, N.J. Graduated from West Side High in Newark, N.J. He is a U.S. Army Vet. He drove both yellow cab, and gypsy car service while living in New York. He Also lived In a Muslim community in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a poet, and a novice motivational speaker. This is his first of six books he plans to have published. His favorite subjects are chronology, and etymology, along with psychology. Even though he has an I.Q. of 132, he considers himself to be just a humble man of words.

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