Jung's Compass of Psychological Types

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9781463685522: Jung's Compass of Psychological Types

This book, under development as "training edition" for five years, is being replaced by the final edition under the title Jung's Indispensable Compass, available in January 2017. Jung’s psychological types could be thought of as a compass useful for navigating the “middle way” to a vital and uniquely differentiated life. For Aristotle, the middle way was the golden mean, the way between extremes to happiness, “the best, noblest, and most pleasant thing in the world.” Buddha, the “awakened one,” found the middle way that leads to broadened consciousness, emboldened compassion, and renewed reverence for life. Lao Tse’s middle way —Tao—finds harmony in the complementary opposites yin yang. For Confucius, the middle way included a balance of personal growth and communal responsibility. For Jung, the middle way unites opposites, creates wholeness, and gives birth to unique personality.

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About the Author :

James Graham Johnston is founder of Gifts Compass Incorporated and the architect of the GiftsCompass™ Inventory (GCI), an online self-assessment that helps people orient to their preferred psychological types. Drawn from Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, the GCI helps to clarify personal aptitudes and provides guidance for living a uniquely individuated life. (To learn more, please visit GiftsCompass.com) The author has formal educational training in the liberal arts, fine art, architecture, and business; he has also pursued a lifelong interest in philosophy, psychology, and religion. Johnston has lectured and delivered workshops on psychological types to various groups, including: The International School of Analytical Psychology, Zurich (ISAPZurich); The Ohio Valley Association of Jungian Analysts (OVAJA); The International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS); The Netherlands Association for Analytical Psychology (NAAP).

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