Built Big - Her Big, Hard Contractor (Crime & Punishment: Erotic Stories of Sexual Submission Book 7)

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9781466170605: Built Big - Her Big, Hard Contractor (Crime & Punishment: Erotic Stories of Sexual Submission Book 7)

When Megan’s do-it-yourself fixes make her problems worse, the repair is more than she can afford. The only way to keep her home is to allow her well-endowed contractor to take his compensation, any way he wants. Now, Megan has her mouth wrapped around the largest cock she has ever seen and her panties are around her ankles. Will she be able to “handle” her big, hard contractor?

For Adults Only - This short story (over 3600 words) is loaded with, hot, graphic sex including sexual domination, sumbission, oral sex, mutual oral sex, and more! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18.

From the book:
“Take it off,” he ordered.

“But, I thought,” she began and he cut her off.

“You want it fixed right, don’t you?”

She took a deep breath and pulled the tank over her head to reveal the soft lacy bra beneath. He ran his hands over the silky fabric and quickly undid the clasp, sliding the bra to the ground. He explored her breasts, rolling the nipples tenderly between his fingertips until they stiffened under his touch. Tendrils of fire made their way down her stomach and she knew her panties must be soaked.

Brian cupped one full breast in his hand and leaned over to take her nipple into his mouth. His teeth ran over her erect nub and she gasped from the sensation. As his mouth teased her, his hands moved lower and lower until they reached her short jean shorts and undid the button.

Megan jumped with surprise and tried to move his hands away. Brian easily pushed her hands aside and continued to unzip the shorts “You don’t have much choice,” he said simply as he pushed her shorts down to her feet.

NOTE: This short story can also be found as part of the short story collection, Crime & Punishment (Collection 2): Five Erotic Stories of Sexual Submission by V.R. Dunlap.

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