Slingshot Sniper: How To Master The Art Of Slingshot Shooting

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9781477512265: Slingshot Sniper: How To Master The Art Of Slingshot Shooting

Slingshot Shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting sports around the world. Slingshot Shooting, unlike other shooting sports, is supposed to be something that anyone on any budget can participate in.

Unfortunately when the new slingshot shooter goes on their search for information on how to get started, they find ads for slingshot shooting equipment that costs hundreds of dollars. To make things worse, it can be hard for new users to find the answers to the most common questions.

In the Slingshot Sniper, Kenny Cannon, expert slingshot shooter and winner of the SSF Pro Division tournament (May 2012), takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know in order to get started in slingshot shooting for next to nothing! Not only does Kenny teaching you everything you need to know about getting involved in slingshot shooting without breaking the bank, he also teaches you how to shoot slingshots like an expert.

In the Slingshot Sniper, Kenny will take you through his system of shooting that allows his to regularly hit the target at a rate of 90% or better! With the Slingshot Sniper, not only will you have all your questions answered about the sport of Slingshot Shooting, but you'll also be able to shoot accurately at all distances by the end of the book!

Video Resource Guide Included FREE

With the purchase of the Slingshot Sniper, you'll also receive a video resource guide that contains 10 videos on how to shoot like a PRO!
You'll also get a list of suppliers for bands, pouches, ammo, and everything slingshot related!

If you are looking to get involved in Slingshot Shooting, the Slingshot Sniper provides you with cutting edge, up to date information on how to get started quickly.

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