Charming Between You and Me, Charming

ISBN 13 : 9781478286387

Between You and Me, Charming

9781478286387: Between You and Me, Charming

Dear Readers, This is it. Finally, a copy of my unabridged, uncensored, unmanageably brilliant Diary. This volume details the year I gave up the princely life to become a traveling minstrel, scouring the land for stories to sing and trying to keep up with the competition. I met many people during these travels: Rob, Minstrel from the Hood; Dr. Bo Peep, PhD; and of course, my nemesis, Princess Jessica. All intriguing characters, but none nearly so interesting and fabulous as Moi. What are you waiting for? This is the most important thing you will ever read in your life. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll lose weight and look awesome. I'd tell you to enjoy, but I know you will. Between You and Me, Charming

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