Irma Geddon NightmarZ: Asylum (Z Series)

ISBN 13 : 9781482702736

NightmarZ: Asylum (Z Series)

9781482702736: NightmarZ: Asylum (Z Series)

Gabrielle's life hasn't always been easy, but her last year in high school is going great. That is, until she gets attacked in her sleep by her own nightmares. When her father arrives, they vanish, but nothing's ever going to be the same again. She is taken away by paramedics to treat her injuries, only to discover she is being committed to a psych ward instead.

But her dad has seen what happened to her and knows that she is not crazy... He should get her out of there, why doesn't he?

Held against her will in a creepy asylum where a different kind of monster roams the halls in a white uniform, Gabrielle begins to wonder whether she is cursed... or whether she is really crazy after all.

She knows she must find a way to escape her nightmares, even if it seems impossible. Unraveling the mystery of her curse is the only thing that's left ... before a monster of her own making will come for her and claim her soul.

NIGHTMARZ: ASYLUM is episode 1 of the Z Series, and is about 10,000 words long (around 40 pages).
The whole series is intended for an adult audience. It contains foul language, disturbing scenes of sex or violence, and may trigger panic attacks.

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About the Author :

USA Today Bestselling Author Irma Geddon writes Hot Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy with romantic elements. She's obsessed about doomed true love---losing it, and trying to get it back against all odds.

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