Anthony R Fanning Isle of Lost Souls

ISBN 13 : 9781489597854

Isle of Lost Souls

Note moyenne 3,5
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9781489597854: Isle of Lost Souls
Présentation de l'éditeur :

The world of 18th century sailing ships and the men who work them is dangerous place for the average girl of only seventeen years, but Natalie Brennan is no average girl. Having faced bloodthirsty savages, challenged the limitless and deadly power of the sea, and tested her mettle in the brutality and violence of battle, Natalie has earned the right to sail. With the treasure map of Jacques LeTessierre in hand, Natalie and her crew set canvas to the wind in search of the late pirate captain's horde of gold and silver. The crew of the Natalie's Good Fortune are not alone in their quest, and soon find themselves in a perilous race for the prize. In the absence of her mentor Black John Hayes, Natalie alone must lead her crew. Through her own ingenuity and determination, Natalie must remain one step ahead of those who would steal her treasure as she proves herself to be a cunning leader. In a race to the spoils, Natalie must outwit, out-think, and out-maneuver some of the most ruthless pirates ever to sail the seven seas. Quite a tall order for a girl who has just reached her seventeenth year.

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