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9781491267134: The Method R Guide to MASTERING ORACLE TRACE DATA

There are many options these days for measuring and monitoring Oracle® Database application performance. This book is about the one that endures as the best foundation there is for understanding Oracle performance: the Oracle extended SQL trace feature.

This book is the course book for the 1-day "Mastering Oracle Trace Data" course taught by the author, Cary Millsap. It is not a book about discarding your Oracle fixed views or your monitoring tools that poll them. It is a book about how to look at Oracle performance another way, a way that has worked extraordinarily well for many of us. It's about new ways of thinking about performance using new tools for understanding aspects of your applications that you've never understood before.

Contents include:

Chapter 1 "Thinking Clearly about Performance" - over twenty brief sections that prescribe a coherent framework for understanding all aspects of performance beginning with foundational definitions.

Chapter 2 "Making Friends with the Oracle Database" - a sequence of case studies illustrating the use of Oracle extended SQL trace data in the performance problem diagnosis and repair context.

Chapter 3 "Oracle Extended SQL Trace" - a detailed explanation of where Oracle's trace data elements come from and how to assemble them into a trustworthy description of how applications consume time.

Chapter 4 "Oracle Database Timed Event Reference" - an overview of what the Oracle timed events mean, how to learn more than your documentation can tell you, and how to respond to problems caused by excessive call counts or excessive call latencies.

Chapter 5 "Cases in Oracle Trace Data Analysis" - seven case studies illustrating how to use the Method R Tools commercial software package (not included with the book) to analyze and solve problems with Oracle-based application performance.

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About the Author :

Cary Millsap has been a member of the Oracle community since 1989. He is the founder and president of Method R Corporation and a performance specialist at Accenture Enkitec Group. He is widely known in the Oracle community as a speaker, educator, consultant, and writer. He is an Oracle ACE Director and a Founding Partner of the Oak Table Network. He wrote Optimizing Oracle Performance with Jeff Holt (for which they were named Oracle Magazine Authors of the Year in 2004), and he is a co-author of Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table. Cary is also an architect of the Method R software tools that help professionals around the world manage Oracle performance. He blogs at and tweets at @CaryMillsap.

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