Indian Boyhood (Ethnic Studies Series)

9781492304562: Indian Boyhood (Ethnic Studies Series)

INDIAN BOYHOOD tells the author’s own story of growing up in the waning days of the great northern Native American tribes. Destined to become a warrior pledged to avenge the death of his father, he seeks the skills he needs and the ancient wisdom that has served his people for hundreds of years. Under the guidance of Uncheedah, his grandmother, Hakadah (Ohiyesa’s original name) is directed to the storytellers who instill his Santee Sioux culture and to his revered warrior uncle, whose brave deeds he hopes one day to emulate. For his skill in the games of his fellows, he earns the name “Ohiyesa”—The Winner. Ohiyesa becomes a hunter, first practicing on small game, learning from failures, learning to honor the spirits of the animals he seeks to kill, finally becoming an efficient provider for himself and his grandmother. And then, unexpectedly, his life enters a dramatic new phase. At this point, his Indian boyhood comes to an end, and he enters a new journey toward a new destiny. INDIAN BOYHOOD provides a unique glimpse into the lifestyle, the viewpoint, and the dangers of the Native American ways of earlier times because the reader learns as its author reveals his path to learning. It is both a true and a “truthful” story—and a fascinating one!

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