On The Doorstep of Fame: Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia

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9781493797691: On The Doorstep of Fame: Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia

Everyone has a dream deep down inside of them. Some are living their dream; while many others are working at jobs wishing that they could live their real dreams. My dream has always been to write. After countless years of being my own worst enemy, I started to bring this dream to life by starting my own self-publishing and entertainment company to protect my writings. So far I have two self-published books, one of which is this book: On the Doorstep of Fame: Welcoming the Film Industry to Atlanta, Georgia. As I have been living my dream, I came across a form of writing that intrigued me: screenwriting. Upon studying more about it and attempting to write films, I discovered that this is something that I like a lot; however, living in Atlanta, there is obviously not a lot of resources for aspiring screenwriters. One thing that I discovered was that the film industry is growing around me here in Atlanta and discovering this fact excited me. I decided to write this current book to encourage growth of film in this state. It is already on the rise with or without my encouragement; however, this book is a formal invite to fellow screenwriters and other industry related individuals to move here to the state of Georgia, particularly Atlanta, in order to grow this business here. This book, which is updated regularly, includes just about everything that I could think of to appeal to the needs of those migrating to this town. Even though I developed this book for the film industry, many others who are curious about Atlanta can learn a lot about this town through my eyes. Think of it as your guidebook for all things Atlanta. Things within this book that film professionals and others may find useful include but are not limited to the following: - More about the rise of film in Georgia, particularly Atlanta - What local colleges and universities are offering programs in film, film-making, theater, and media studies - What film production studios are already in the Atlanta area - What television networks are here - What Atlanta has to offer the international community of film makers wanting to film here or call Atlanta home - Where to live and work in Atlanta and how to enjoy yourself - More about Atlanta's hot and fun places to go even if you are not in film - Good vacation ideas - Tons of useful information that you didn't feel like looking up yourself If you are like me and want to become an entertainment professional in Atlanta; or you are an industry executive looking for new business development opportunities in Atlanta; or you simply want to move to or visit Atlanta, my book is a must read.

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