Joan Cook; Jean-Claude Viger Jeshua's Portent

ISBN 13 : 9781495365287

Jeshua's Portent

9781495365287: Jeshua's Portent

Synopsis for Jeshua’s Portent By Ms. Joan Cook Since the last Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and removed from the caves overlooking the Salt Sea, it has been whispered that other scrolls ex-ists. Others, that were stealthily secreted away and sold on the black mar-ket before archeologists even knew the site that held the treasures. Until now, it has been postulated about only. Until now, one of things are about to change. From the depths of a vivid dream, Jordan Cole, a young Canadian freelance journalist is rudely awakened on morning by a tele-phone call that changes her life and binds her inextricably to an ancient treasure, a treasure from the Dead Sea caves. The urgent phone call that initiates her involvement with the mysterious legacy is placed by an American lawyer, Conrad Wellington on behalf of Jordan’s grandmother, Mrs. Meagan Cole, of Daytona Beach, Florida. Jordan’s beloved grandmother, affectionately known as Nanna, is sud-denly sick. The nature and gravity of her illness is undisclosed by Mr. Wellington. The only thing made clear is that Nanna needs to see Jordan immediately. Fearing the worst, Jordan drops everything and boards a plane for Florida. Within hours of her arrival, Jordan discovers the sad truth. Nanna is dy-ing of cancer and begs Jordan to keep it from the rest of the family. It seems that Nanna has a secret mission to complete before dying and trusts no one but Jordan to help her accomplish it. The nature of Nanna’s secret involves a bequeathal made to her by an art collector named Alexandre Chevalier for whom she worked for dur-ing W.W.II when her husband was serving overseas. When Nanna gives Jordan a lengthy letter written in Alexandre’s own handwriting, Jordan not only learns some shocking truth about her own family history, but also introduced to the intriguing tale surrounding the acquisition of an ancient Aramaic diary that allegedly came from the Dead Sea caves. Prompted by time restraints and Nanna’s urging, Jordan immediately immerses herself in the old papyrus pages of the diary. She soon finds herself completely seduced by the ancient tale of a young woman named Addrella and her intimate relationship with a very remarkable young man who lived in Palestine 2000 years ago. It is Nanna’s last wish, as it was Alexandre’s, that the diary be made public. Nanna had intended all along to do it herself, but fear of family reprisals always kept her from the goal. Now it is up to Jordan to carry out the task and in doing so expose some very private family secrets, but even more daunting than this, is to publish a diary that could shake the very foundation of traditional historical beliefs for a very great number of people, and forever alter the accepted image of a fascinating historical figure; possibly the most famous man that ever walked the earth. The diary is both heart wrenching and beautiful. Its claims are astounding, yet some-what believable. Could the adventurous story told byAddrella really be true? Could the ancient tale really be about the historical figure it clearly points to? Could Addrella friend Jeshua be no other than the young Jesus Christ before he began His public life? If so how will the world react to what He purportedly said and did? Jordan knows it would be easier to walk away from it all, keeping the diary concealed forever, thereby protecting herself and the world from its repercussions. But is that even possible, and if it is, would it be right? With the weight of the legacy resting on her frag-ile shoulders, Jordan does what she knows must be done and lets destiny do the rest Joan Cook Representative contact: J.C.Viger Friday, December 12 2003

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