Hexenfire (The Burning Times) (Volume 2)

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9781496127112: Hexenfire (The Burning Times) (Volume 2)

"There is no reward for goodness in this world, nothing but cold steel teeth and scourging fire for all of us - and it's coming for you now!" Quality Durrand and her friends take the battle to the Hexenhammers, but the fanatical preacher Hans Vollair and the Highmaster of the Order have their own allies, dedicated to exterminating the witches. As midwinter approaches, Quality must survive pursuit, betrayal and heartbreak and emerge stronger than ever to avenge her loved ones. Her journey takes her into the crucible of the Thirty Years War and a more mysterious conflict raging between angelic powers. Her destiny is to be the tinderspark and light a fire that will consume the Empire. This is the second novel in the Burning Times series, a historical fantasy set during the 1620s, the years of the Witch Trials and the horrors of the Thirty Years War

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