MathCloud Smart Prep SAT Math: 4+1 Practice Tests

9781497326101: MathCloud Smart Prep SAT Math: 4+1 Practice Tests

Many SAT prep books are structured as "one-size-fits-all" products. As a result, students waste time working on material that is not appropriate for their level. Advanced students get bogged down with math strategies, key math skills, and concepts that they already understand. Meanwhile, other students need reinforcement on certain core concepts to keep them from getting discouraged on more advanced problems. Smart Prep SAT Math takes advantage of MathCloud’s remarkable Neural Adaptive Engine to provide practice that is perfectly suited to you. When you enter your practice test answers into MathCloud’s online system, the program provides instant in-depth analysis of the concepts you’ve mastered and those where you could benefit from additional practice. MathCloud recommends additional problems based on that analysis and continuously monitors your performance and progress. The more problems you answer, the better the program understands your needs and provides just the right challenge to improve not just your SAT score, but also math mastery. By providing a practice regimen that’s personalized for you, Smart Prep SAT Math cuts down prep time and gets you ready for the SAT faster. There’s no need to spend time on subjects that you already understand. Instead, you can focus on just the areas where you need more practice and review step-by-step instructions to solving challenging problems.

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MathCloud is an innovative personalized learning platform that takes a whole new approach to learning mathematics. MathCloud teaches students to understand the concepts behind problems and how concepts are interrelated. MathCloud's online system continually adapts to a student's performance, providing just the practice they need to master a concept and build understanding. With a proven learning approach and a robust library made up of thousands of math solutions, MathCloud is uniquely designed to help students learn effectively and efficiently. MathCloud began with a fundamental philosophy: For the dreams and futures of our children, make math a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. Based on this philosophy, MathCloud is emerging as a leading global provider of dynamic Mathematics Learning Platform solutions. MathCloud solutions have enabled colleges and primary and secondary schools to meet the learning and assessment challenges they face in enhancing the quality of mathematics education. MathCloud currently empowers students and teachers in schools across 27 countries and in 5 different languages.

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