The GPS Guide to Success: How To Navigate Life To Reach Your Personal And Career Goals

9781500217983: The GPS Guide to Success: How To Navigate Life To Reach Your Personal And Career Goals

There are countless young adults around the world who are excited, smart, and driven, but are nervous about their future because of our vulnerable economy. With the global unemployment rate still stubbornly high (approximately 12.6% globally and higher in particular countries), it is now imperative that our young people graduate with identified goals, practical plans for reaching those goals and, proven strategies for building a strong and effective network. It is commonly known that it takes much more than performing well in class to secure a job in today’s competitive job market and it is our shared belief that we can provide young adults with the tools necessary to be competitive for high wage, high skilled, and high demand careers. In this handbook, the author outlines how defining your Goals, creating Plans, and using effective Strategies can lead you to become a more savvy employee and achieve career success. Alex’s GPS Success model has led him to become the youngest U.S. Federal employee chosen to manage a Government-wide executive development program, be invited to the 2013 White House Youth Summit, and to start his own company (GPS Leadership Solutions). In this handbook, he shares with you a series of easy, quick and practical strategies to create your unique path to achieving life and career success. The GPS Guide to Success. “The GPS Guide to Success” was created to provide our young adults with practical effective strategies for reaching career/life success. This book has 1) been recognized as a best seller, 2) received positive reviews from 32 industry professionals representing over 16 different countries, 3) been formally reviewed in the publication of a national magazine (July 2014), and 4) is in the process of being integrated into a university’s orientation process for all incoming freshmen. With that said, this book can serve as a tremendous benefit to your members by utilizing the success strategies outlined within the text.

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About the Author :

Alex Tremble is the author of the Bestselling e-book, “The GPS Guide to Success,” and the Founder & CEO of GPS Leadership Solutions, LLC., an organization dedicated to helping young professionals around the world (i.e., High School students through Mid-level employees) develop the leadership, innovative, and goal setting strategies necessary to excel in today’s fast moving society. After serving as one of the youngest Federal employees to manage a Federal Government-wide executive leadership development program (at age 25), he refocused his efforts towards developing today’s and tomorrow’s incoming cohort of leaders and change makers. In addition to being invited to events such as the 2013 White House Youth Summit, Alex has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops geared towards equipping our youth with the skills, competencies, and strategies needed to excel in the world’s competitive job market. Alex was nominated for the 2013 Emerging Training Leaders Award, served as an international liaison for two Secretarial conferences, and had two of his articles featured in international newsletters. Alex holds Bachelors or Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from William Penn University (2008) and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Baltimore (2011), where he currently serves on the Alumni Association Board of Governors. Originally from Victorville, CA, Alex currently resides in Bladensburg, MD. To learn more about Alex and/or to discuss possible speaking engagements please reach out to him at or via his webpage, He is looking forward to connecting with you.

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