PanOrpheus The Antikythera and The Source

ISBN 13 : 9781500473679

The Antikythera and The Source

9781500473679: The Antikythera and The Source
Présentation de l'éditeur :

In The ‘Antikythera and The Source’, the quintessential Oracle of Delphi, Theoclea, has passed on from the Earthly Realm ca. 500 BC and has gone through many gates, incarnations, and reincarnations to become a near-deity, The Source. The same process has happened to Pythagoras, one of Theoclea’s counselors at the Temple of Delphi. He has become The Mage in a far future time and place. They live in Plateaunia, a two dimensional spider web-like region between the spiral arms of the galaxy surrounded by a blue mist. Piloting her ship, The Firefly, The Source sees a huge object coming at them in space. The name ‘Antikythera’ is boldly shown on the side of what appears to be a World-ship. An adventure begins, an adventure that explores TIME and what we think that it is. The ancient past meets the far future in this thrilling metaphysical sci-fi mystery that presents us with TIME and what it really may be. The Spirits of “JANIS* an Earthly-Realm singer from the 1960’s and the Spirit of Nikola Tesla make their appearances…along with the android ‘children’ of the Mage and The Source. With Mark Twain-like humor and Steampunk elements like clocks, gears, ray guns, and more, the world of ‘The Antikythera and the Source’ moves through time and space to a surprising ending!

Biographie de l'auteur :

PanOrpheus is the author of the ‘Delphic Oracle’ series of metaphysical, alternate history fantasy/science fiction books that include the ‘Theoclea’ and ‘Phoebe’ Delphic Oracle books. In 2013 he presented a new series, ‘Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower’, a series that includes Mark Twain-like humor, and Steampunk elements. He is a Board Member of the Tesla Science Foundation and has held seminars on the many subjects related to his books. Seminar themes include ‘The Mysteries’ of ancient times, Nikola Tesla, the future, and the cosmos that surrounds us. He has been a prominent speaker at Tesla events, Steampunk events, and other venues.

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