British Origami Society Cambridge 2007 Model collection: 40th Anniversary collection

9781500835941: British Origami Society Cambridge 2007 Model collection: 40th Anniversary collection

Collection of models for the British Origami Society 40th Anniversary collection. This collection was prepared for the 40th Anniversary celebration of the society in 2007. Includes anecdotes though out the publication. Articles:- The Early Years article by Mick Guy Paper article uncredited Treating Paper with PVA article by Rikki Donachie Models:- “40” by Paula Versnick “75” Paula Versnick Dancing Birds by Nick Robinson Cerberus by Ralph Jones Crystal Wreath by Kees and Loes Schakel Coaster Rosette by Kees and Loes Schakel Vase by Gay Merril Gross Starbox Pleat by Les Sunderland Bookmark with Pocket by Marcia Joy Miller Geisha by Tony O’Hare Startle by Les Sunderland Bird by Edwin Corrie Magic Star Variations by Tung Ken Lam Sturdy Box with Lid by Rosemary Lyndall Wemm Snub Cube by Boaz Shuval Flapping Butterfly by Dave Raynor Solid Square Pyramid by Charles Staller Pythagoras Tesselation by Mick Guy. Flying Pterodactyl by Marc Vigo Flowered Sonobe by Meenakshi Mukerji Imperial Eagle Mask by Jens-Helge Dahmen 2Hearts by Andrey Lukyanov Flying Skunk by Ash Malik OwlGiang Dinh Wallet by Renee Brillemann Cat by Gilad Aharoni Guinea Pig by Max Hume Kingfisher by D Nakano Mountain Sheep Petroglyph by Anita Barbour Nativity Angel by Max Hume Electric Fan by Sharon Turvey Pigs Might Flap by Paul Hanson Truncated Octahedron by Ian Harrison Perky Dragon by Rikki Donachie 15 (degree) Llama by Jim Adams Housefly by Marc Kirschenbaum Lobster by Cheng Chit Leong Love See-Saw by Pham Dieu Huy Dragonheart by Fernando Gilgado

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