Graham, Chris 30-10 Pistol Training

ISBN 13 : 9781500897765

30-10 Pistol Training

9781500897765: 30-10 Pistol Training

These are secrets that go beyond what’s taught in weekend firearms courses, aren’t taught in self-defense courses, and are beyond the time and budget limitations of most police departments.

The best part is, you don’t even need to fire live rounds to accomplish this!

We can PERFECT each of the micro-skills you need dry…in the COMFORT and PRIVACY of your own home and only later, head to the range to confirm what you already know how to do…

All you need… is the ability to safely handle and legally possess a pistol to start… and then just pour on the 15 minute per day, 30 day training sequence I lay out here with YOUR PISTOL, holster, magazines, some cheap dummy training rounds and a properly setup (using commonly available household items) environment to practice!

We start at square one and rebuild your skills from the ground up. You will MASTER a few basic micro-skills each day. Before you know it, you will be combining them to outperform veteran shooters. And After 30 days of short, enjoyable training sessions YOU WILL BE in the top 10 % of ALL SHOOTERS IN THE WORLD!

In the 30-10 Pistol Training System, you’ll discover the high-leverage secrets that most other trainers even refuse to admit are as important as they really are!

But most importantly we chunk it down to manageable bites–we even train some key skills in reverse sequence for a very important reason that few instructors understand.

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About the Author :

Former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham was a founding member of the US Marine Anti-Terrorism Battalion and is a highly sought after firearms training consultant.

Chris isn't your average instructor...or even your average "high speed" instructor.

He provides advanced weapons and tactics training to personnel from USG (US Government) agencies prior to deployment to high-threat zones.

More than that, he's one of a relatively small group of guys who actually goes downrange and provides sustainment training to them while they're in high threat zones.

If you're an instructor - Chris is one of the guys who you want to be picking stuff up from to use in your own classes.

If you're a shooter - Chris is an instructor who is teaching based on first hand experience downrange against determined attackers.

His teaching isn't stuff that worked one or two times 5, 10, or 15 years's stuff that he or his students have more than likely used in the last few months, weeks, or even days in real life encounters.

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