SEO Destruction: Improve Your Site Ranking by Doing What Others Don't

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9781500898113: SEO Destruction: Improve Your Site Ranking by Doing What Others Don't
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"Heaven does well in explaining methods of SEO ranking. Book is short but concise and since it's easily written, it's really an enjoyment to read it" - Steve Zwielski, Founder, BizInnovate SEO Destruction: Improve Your Search Engine Ranking in Hours!! Search Engine Optimization Guide (works also as SEO for Wordpress) How many times you started a website or blog and found that there is no traffic on your site? Do you know why some websites with poor design have a better ranking than your sites? What is your real knowledge about SEO? I know from my own experience that starting a website today is almost an impossible task. There's a huge competition online with all kinds of blogs or sites that have a high Page Rank or high domain authority. But... What if I can tell you that I managed to destroy that concept with my "Destruction" technique? Is this SEO for Dummies book? This book can serve as SEO for dummies or as SEO for beginners because I explained everything in a most simple manner. This book is written as an experiment of mine which I started over a few months ago. I read many books about SEO secrets or SEO marketing, starting from good detailed books from here on Amazon to ones from private sources which I mention inside this book and I saw the similar line between all of these books. Table of contents: -FOREWORD -SEO and Preparation for learning it -What You Mustn’t Do in SEO -What Google Wants and PR – SERP Misconception -Link Building Strategies (Tier 2, Tier 3) -Practical On-Site SEO (How I use it) -Secret Off-Site SEO (Never Shared Anywhere) -Getting Fresh 10,000+ Backlinks Free -Building Tier 2 Sites -Tier 3 Sources -How I got 5 DoFollow PR 9 Backlinks for Free -How I got PR 10 Backlinks in a Few Hours -How to Find High PR Sites for Developing Backlinking Strategy -Creating a PBN out of Paid Sources for Faster Ranking -Secret SEO Element That No One Talks About -Why Domain Authority (DA) Matters -Blackhat SEO – Shortcut or Murder? -Practical Blackhat SEO Tools -Mastering the Keywords Craft -YouTube SEO Tutorial -CONCLUSION How is my book different from other books about SEO? I've been in your skin as a newbie who knew something or almost nothing about SEO, so I spent over a year in reading articles and trying to discover "secret guru stuff" that could helped me in ranking my site. In the end I did it and so can you - following my step-by-step guide written in the book. What you'll learn from this book? This book is based on "Practical", which means that I'll show you the sites I use to build backlinks, whatever they are DoFollow or NoFollow or whatever they have a page rank of 0 or 10, I'll tell you how I perform On-site and Off-site Search engine optimization with my "secret sauces" and practical examples that even newbies can understand. Will Google Deindex My Site If I Use Your Method? No t will surely not. After the "birdie" updates from Google, starting with Panda and Penguin in 2011 and 2012, and Hummingbird update in 2013, in this 2014, we can surely expect a new bird to come out, maybe Pigeon? I will teach you how to avoid a possibility of getting slapped by Google using a fair and constructive techniques. All I wrote in this book is legal and via this knowledge you can compete with SEO agencies all around the net. Do You Use Blackhat techniques ? This books also deals with the Black Hat techniques that most of the spammers use to rank their site on a first page of a Google in a matter of days and it shows a tools those guys use and how they trick Google for a week or a month with their spam site. I however DON'T describe how to do it neither I encourage it. I only mentioned it because of knowledge you can get by knowing this thing.

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Anthony Heaven is an author and Internet Marketing expert. His main fields of expertise are SEO, Online entrepreneurship and money making opportunities. His book "SEO Destruction" is one of the leading ones in the industry of SEO Marketing.

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