de Balzac, Honore Madame Firmiani

ISBN 13 : 9781502814883

Madame Firmiani

9781502814883: Madame Firmiani
Note de l'éditeur :

"[...]ourselves in unison with the vague and nervous sadness which casts its gray tints all about us, and is, in fact, a semi-illness, the gentle sufferings of which are often pleasing? If the reader is of those who sometimes think upon the dear ones they have lost, if he is alone, if the day is waning or the night has come, let him read on; otherwise, he should lay aside this book at once. If he has never buried a good old relative, infirm and poor, he will not understand these pages, which to some will seem redolent of musk, to others as colorless and virtuous as those of Florian. In short, the reader must have known the luxury of tears, must have felt the silent pangs of a passing memory, the vision of a dear yet far-off Shade, --memories which bring regret for all that earth has swallowed up, with smiles for vanished joys. And now, believe that the writer would not, for the wealth of England, steal from poesy a single [...]".

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