U. S. Road Trip Journal: Louisiana Cover (S M Road Trip Journals)

9781503201149: U. S. Road Trip Journal: Louisiana Cover (S M Road Trip Journals)

U. S. Road Trip Journal is a guided journal designed to help detail memories of your road trips around the United States. The Journal holds up to 51 days worth of travel. Other covers exist so you can get another volume when this one is full.

Each day gets 4 pages. On Page 1 of each day you record Trip/Destination, Date, Day ___ of ___, Travelers, Vehicle, Starting Point, Ending Point, Accommodations for the Night, Mileage Start, Mileage Finish, Mileage Traveled and Running Mileage for the Trip. Page 2 of each day you record Stop #, City, Food, Gas or Sight, Notes, Souvenirs or Other Costs, Amount Spent Today and Running Total for Trip if you wish to track. Page 3 has a U. S. State map where you can color in the states you visit that day, the license plates you see that day along with the path you travel that day, colored pencils are recommended. Page 4 has space to record the Best part of the Day, and any other notes or pictures you want to add.

There is a Volume space to fill in on the cover so if you want to you can buy more volumes. Again other covers exist search "S M Road Trip Journals", use the quotes for best search results. Pick your favorite state, (yes we even have Hawaii!), the state you are from, or the state you are going to.

For added protection when traveling, U. S. Road Trip Journal will fit in a large plastic zip-loc bag.

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