Practicing Strength and Movement: How to Gain Any Skill Faster!

9781503270596: Practicing Strength and Movement: How to Gain Any Skill Faster!

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Gain Any Skill Faster, Better and More Completely than You Previously Thought Possible... It all started when I heard a man named Pavel Tsatsouline state that “Strength is a Skill”.

I read a book and became instantly stronger by applying its principles.

And I kept pushing the envelope. After years spent exploring what that statement really means and how to apply it, investigating various forms of training and mental mastery, this book takes that idea to a whole other level.

Strength isn’t just about training hard. Far from it. In fact, when you understand just how much SKILL enters the equation you’ll be able to get far stronger than you ever imagined possible.

Even if you’re just working to lift a heavy barbell...skill is involved.

And if you do anything a bit more complex or highly technical gymnastic type skills, how you practice is ultimately the determiner of your success.

1. How One Meta-Skill Gives You Far More Potential Than Any Individual Skill
2. Strength is a Skill and Movement Genius
3. The Science of Skill Building
4. Taking the 80/20 Rule to 10000 Hours for Accelerated Skill Gain
5. The Mindset of Practice
6. Going Deep and Deliberate on Your Practice
7. 11 More Practice Accelerators
8. Entering Your Optimal “Practice Mode”
9. Supercharging Your Mental Processes and Awareness
10. Mirrors, Movies and the Visual Triangle
11. Cue the Music
12. Practicing “Outside” of Practice
13. The Myth of Perfect Form
14. Separating the Wannabes from the Greats with the Higher Frames Governing Practice
15. The Road to Mastery
16. Coaching on All Levels

If only I had this book when I got started training…it didn’t exist so I had to create it.

Its the result of studying not just top trainers and coaches in the field, but going far outside of it like using the models and techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming to dive deeper into great practice.

This isn’t some fluffy feel good read. Many of the books on “practicing and skills” out there sadly are. I know because I’ve read them all.

Practicing Strength and Movement is about immediately actionable information. There are tons of drills you can do to improve your practice TODAY!

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