Fairy Tales For Grown People # 4 A Gunny's Tale (Volume 4)

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9781503370333: Fairy Tales For Grown People # 4 A Gunny's Tale (Volume 4)

Why Ray Kelly is who he is and how he is began a long time ago. From his deprived childhood to a forbidden love affair, these factors shaped and molded this complex, sometimes infuriating man. One constant in his life has been the love of his woman, Claire, but he even pushes her to the limit. once they overcome yet another speed bump in their relationship, Ray embarks on a journey 40 years in the making. He hadn't set foot back in his home town since leaving reform school for the Marines. Taking his wife on a much delayed honeymoon, he comes face to face with his past. The good, the bad, and the downright shocking. He reconnects with old friends and confronts deep seated regrets. With Claire at his side, he is able to come to terms with issues that have dogged him for decades, and hopefully he will find the peace that has been so elusive to him.

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