Jodie Zammit People of the Shadows: The Key

ISBN 13 : 9781503504387

People of the Shadows: The Key

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9781503504387: People of the Shadows: The Key
About the Author :

Jodie Zammit spent her childhood exploring Outback Queensland on the properties where she lived with her family. She fell in love with the mysteries and magic of the bush, and with her sister and their dog for company, she'd disappear into her secret playground as often as she could. Every animal she met became a new friend, and every rock had its own special power. She was spellbound by the trees as they groaned their long stories of hardship or plenty; by the leaves as they gossiped, chattered, and whispered their secrets; by the flowers that danced and celebrated their short lives. She became embroiled within the drama created by the elusive mysterious rain, which brought as much trouble as it did joy, appearing too quickly and rarely staying long. Then there was the breeze. Thank heavens, on a hot day, for the cooling respite of the breeze, which brought news of an impending storm. Every element of nature captured her imagination and became food for thought or inspiration for an adventure. Her friendship with nature always stayed with her, but owing to a busy life, her opportunities to visit are fewer these days. She now lives with her beloved husband and children in the small seaside city of Mackay, Australia. The landscape is different on the coast, but she still manages to satisfy her need for connection to the earth. Ignoring the raised eyebrows of her loved ones, she still brings home treasures like rocks, shells, seeds, feathers, and leaves found on her wanderings on the beaches and dunes. They all have a story to tell, and therein lies her inspiration for this book.

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