Mushrooms of Virginia's Eastern Shore: A Photo Tour, First Edition

9781506001739: Mushrooms of Virginia's Eastern Shore: A Photo Tour, First Edition
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Dr. Picardi's professional career includes thirty-two years in the software, consulting and market research industries. His last position was as Senior Vice President of Global Software and Services at International Data Corporation. His consulting and lectures have taken him to 18 countries. Dr. Picardi's professional expertise is in computer simulation modeling of complex feedback systems which includes topics such as pastoralism in West Africa, market dynamics of software adoption, gypsy moths, water supply, electricity and urbanization in Saudi Arabia, competition among internet companies, oil exports from the Middle East, simulating the US economy and the effect of global warming on coastal flooding in Virginia during Hurricanes. He has published over 200 market studies and journal articles. Dr. Picardi retired in 2007 to the Eastern Shore of Virginia where he now creates wildlife habitats on his farm and volunteers as an Eastern Shore of Virginia Master Naturalist. He leads birding and wildlife tours on his farm and is a tour leader on the Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge at Fisherman's Island. He lectures on global warming, warm season grass and wild flower meadows, native plants, wildlife habitats, insects and mushrooms. He bikes and fishes and rows on Occohannock Creek. Dr. Picardi earned BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering and a Doctor of Science degree in Social Environmental Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Présentation de l'éditeur :

This book is primarily a photo tour through the diverse mushrooms on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The pictures are meant to illustrate the differences among these primitive, little-understood, silent, mostly hidden and ephemeral life forms that are found in most of the Eastern Shore's habitats. The book includes some brief notes on the important roles that mushrooms play in the natural ecosystem. It is a picture book that unearths a slice of seldom noticed natural beauty. It is a photo journey among the colorful and delightful diversity of fungi that we find in our back yards on the Eastern Shore. It covers over one hundred of the common species that people are likely to find on the Eastern Shore but does not claim to be a complete guide. More mushrooms will be added in future editions.

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