Bushcraft: 7 Top Tips Of Bushcraft Skills For Beginners

9781506007267: Bushcraft: 7 Top Tips Of Bushcraft Skills For Beginners
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When man leaves the technology-dependent metropolis and embarks on a journey in the wilderness, primal instincts come to play. Bushcraft, which refers to the set of skills utilized to navigate through and survive in the wilderness, involves primitive methods of gathering food and water. Primitive in the sense that there are no mechanical devices or high tech equipment involved in the process; one must perform all tasks first-hand and craft everything from scratch. The contents of this text (and basically the essence of bushcraft) are based on the keyword “survive.” This is the main goal of every trekker and is also the successful end result of the journey. In order to S.U.R.V.I.V.E., one must always keep the following mnemonics in mind

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