On the Paths of a Grieving Past: Pilgrimage to Historic Armenia (Armenian Edition)

9781507603109: On the Paths of a Grieving Past: Pilgrimage to Historic Armenia (Armenian Edition)

Despite enduring a series of spiritual vicissitudes, the author eventually overcomes all prejudices and decides to embark upon a journey to the lands of his parents and forefathers: Historic Armenia and Cilicia. As a pilgrim, traveler and investigator, on three occasions between 2011 and 2014, the author visits nearly every plundered region of his nation's ancestral homeland. During his odyssey, the author arrives at the realization that Historic Armenia is the fatherland of every Armenian, irrespective of the fact that it was pilfered from his nation by way of violence and genocide. In fact, the majority of present-day inhabitants, whose grandfathers willing or unwillingly, by the thousands, executed the eradication of the Armenian nation and the dispossession of its three millennia-old homeland, have nearly no connection with this land and its sacred relics. During his travels in the fatherland, the author engages in man-to-man and heart-to-heart conversations with the progeny of the pilferers of his ancestral lands, and notices traces of remorse and repentance through the eyes and uttered narratives of many of his interlocutors. Throughout his journey, heroic and tragic episodes of both the distant past and recent memory accompany the author, and transmit a breath of soul and spirit to the hills and meadows, cliffs and rivers, and to the scarred historical structures, soil, and stones of his homeland

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About the Author :

Born in Beirut, Lebanon (1946), pedagogue, editor and author Minas Kojayan is the first grandchild of survivors of the Armenian Genocide from Chork-Marzban in historic Cilicia (presently known as Dort-Yol), situated in the northeastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Upon graduation from the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Hovagimian-Manoogian High School in Beirut, Kojayan matriculated at the Alliance Francaise School in Paris. He continued his studies at Yerevan State University (YSU) in Armenia where he earned a master’s degree in 1974 in the fields of Philology, History, and Armenian Language and Literature. In 1980, Kojayan defended his dissertation and earned a Ph.D. from YSU. From 1978 to 1991, Kojayan taught Armenian language and literature at the AGBU Melkonian Educational Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus. He and his family relocated to California in 1991 where he continued his teaching career at the AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School in Canoga Park through 2012. He also taught Armenian language and literature at the university level, namely at California State University, Northridge. Kojayan first began writing articles for publication on social, political, and Armenian language and literary subjects in 1966. His works have been published in numerous Armenian and English language periodicals and literary journals. Kojayan has also published Armenian Language textbooks (in 4 volumes), as well as Armenian History textbooks (in 5 volumes). His published books in the Armenian language include History of Chork-Marzban (Dort-Yol): An Armenian Town in Cilicia (2006), and In the Paths of the Grieving Past (2012). Kojayan currently lives in Jerusalem, where he teaches Western Armenian Language and Literature at the Holy Translators (Srpotz Tarkmanchatz) Armenian School, and at the Seminary (Srpotz Zharankavoratz) of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Kojayan serves as Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious periodical and official organ of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, known as Sion. He also serves as one of the Armenian section editors of the prominent online news portal, Keghart.com.

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