Women Who Rape Men (Female Sex Predators)

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9781507702611: Women Who Rape Men (Female Sex Predators)

This is a groundbreaking work on the prevalence of women who rape men in our culture. This work breaks through the gender stereotypes in the mainstream media and shows, through well-documented studies and research, that women rape men at a rate greater than the other way around. The book contains numerous citations and references for those studying the problem of women who rape. There are also several colorful memes conveying the essence of the difficult concepts discussed in the text. Finally, this book offers guidance to men who are victims/survivors of women who rape, sexually assault, and who molest male children.

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About the Author :

John Davis (1953 - ) was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was educated at Case Western Reserve University (BA) (one of the top ten universities in the United States), Seattle University School of Law (JD), and, New York University School of Law (LL.M post-doctoral) (one of the top ten law schools in the United States). John is fluent in seven languages (including ancient Latin and Greek). He has travelled the world over, many times, and has represented clients, in his thirty five year career, such as the United States Government and the Federation of Russia. He has been a prosecutor three times in his 35 year career. He has held positions such as Assistant Attorney General, United States Speaker, and Assistant District Attorney, Chief Wing JAG, U. S. Air Force Auxilliary, and Supreme Court Law Clerk. For most of his career in civil law, John was a successful international lawyer, practicing in many nations around the world. John is now retired and lives in the South of France.

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