Stockholmed: 11 years surviving domestic violence

9781508452225: Stockholmed: 11 years surviving domestic violence
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I am a survivor of an 11 year physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I suffered beatings, broken bones, knocked out teeth, public humiliation, and several serious murder attempts. Although this is unfortunately not a new story in our society today; I’m a 6’3” 200 pound man and my abuser was a 5’ 7” 130 pound woman. Stockholmed is the story of the transformation I made from a self-assured successful young man to a beaten down shadow of my former self, praying every day that death would release me from my psychological prison cell. The title, “Stockholmed” was derived from the Stockholm syndrome. I believe that nearly everyone living in an abusive relationship suffers from a combination of Stockholm syndrome, and PTSD. Because of this fact domestic violence is not gender specific, and violence is simply one of the tools an abuser uses to keep his or her victim in line.

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