SKYMAN in Outer Space #1: Featuring Hitler's Mayhem on the Moon! (Volume 1)

9781508519102: SKYMAN in Outer Space #1: Featuring Hitler's Mayhem on the Moon! (Volume 1)

The first and greatest sci-fi space opera from the Golden Age of Comics: SKY MAN IN OUTER SPACE! Soon after returning from service in the Pacific after World War II, Ogden Whitney returned to his character Skyman and created an incredible science fiction epic, catapulting his hero into outer space and facing alien adversaries and the finds the fiendish villain of all hiding on the moon... Hitler! Skyman’s interplanetary odyssey ran in 27 issues of BIG SHOT comics from August, 1946 to October 1948. Now for the first time in almost 70 years this Golden Age classic is collected for the first time by ACE Comics, owners of the Golden Age SKYMAN and THE FACE. The serial is spread over 5 digest-sized issues, each with a new cover by Mort Todd, inspired by Ogden Whitney and the sci-fi pulp magazines of the era. (Mort Todd also wrote The Return of the Skyman, drawn by Steve Ditko, also available from ACE). Part of the SKYMAN’s 75th Anniversary Celebration from ACE, which will also include an all-new novel. SKYMAN IN OUTER SPACE #1 Extra-length First Issue Collectors’ Edition! SKYMAN blasts off into outer space in his experimental atomic-powered spaceship... unaware that his gal pal, Fawn Carroll, is a stowaway! After a crash landing, they learn of an insidious evil on the moon!

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About the Author :

Ogden Whitney was an American comic-book artist and writer from the 1930s-1940s Golden Age of comics through the 1960s Silver Age. He is best known as co-creator of the aviator hero the Skyman and of the super-powered novelty character Herbie Popnecker and his alter ego, the satiric superhero the Fat Fury. Whitney had long runs on characters as diverse as the Western masked crime-fighter the Two-Gun Kid, and the career-girl character Millie the Model at Marvel Comics. In 2007, Whitney was one of two comics creators inducted into the comic-book industry's Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame.

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