Bill Spangler The Time Machine

ISBN 13 : 9781508592129

The Time Machine

9781508592129: The Time Machine

A fantastic journey into the future based on the classic science fiction novel by H. G. Wells. A Victorian time traveller invents a machine to transport him through the vast rivers of time, landing him in a future where mankind has devolved into two classes of beings: predators and prey. Can he save what is left of mankind? This graphic novel was originally published in 1990 by Eternity Comics as a comic book mini-series, and adds new elements and nuance to the classic Wells story, making it a whole new experience for the reader. You don't know The Time Machine until you've read this Time Machine. This Pulp 2.0 edition collects the original comic series by writer Bill Spangler and artist John Ross into a graphic novel along with bonus extras including: - an essay on creating the comic by writer Bill Spangler - an interview with former Creative Director of Eternity Comics, Tom Mason on the origins of the Time Machine and other classic mini-series from the company.

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