Growing Up Tex-Mex A Memoir By Alicia Munoz Mitchell

9781508797715: Growing Up Tex-Mex A Memoir By Alicia Munoz Mitchell
Présentation de l'éditeur :

It is a story of a first generation Mexican- American girl growing up in Fabens, a small West Texas town, 30 miles south of El Paso, and overcoming prejudice and discrimination. The story begins in the early 1940’s where the author describes her life in detail with her sister in chronological order. Alicia writes about her family and relatives - about her father who crossed the border at the age of 17 with only a 5th grade education, becoming a successful entrepreneur, a loving family man, and a proud Naturalized Citizen of the United States. She shows the reader how destiny and the people she came in contact with affected her life throughout the years. She describes her relationships, including two husbands and finally a live-in partner who ultimately took advantage of her trust and generosity. This is her story of how she endeavored to overcome adversities and became a successful businesswoman.

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