The New Thought Church Movement

9781508890669: The New Thought Church Movement

This book (the New Thought Church Movement) is the third book in the series of three. It is the author’s twenty-second (22nd) published book over the last five years. It addresses the New Thought Church Movement. The New Thought movement is a spiritual movement which started in the United States around 1859. It is approximately 156 years old. The New Thought Church Movement grew out of some dissatisfaction with the Protestant Church. New Thought is sometimes referred to as Higher Thought. They focus on Mind, Consciousness, Intelligence, Spirit, Soul, and God. They focus on healing, prosperity, improving the quality of the present life, and eternity. The role of Jesus and the Bible is described in different ways. The three major organizations within the New Thought Church Movement today are Religious Science, Unity Church, and the Church of Divine Science. Unlike Catholicism and Protestantism, New Thought has not faced major schisms. They seem to dwell together in peace, love, and understanding. The New Thought movement is held together by a loosely allied group of authors, philosophers, and individuals who share a set of beliefs concerning metaphysics, positive thinking, the law of attraction, healing, life force, creative visualization, and personal power. The life, beliefs, and practices of ten of the earlier New Thought leaders are presented in this book. This book ends with the paradigm change of the author over a seven year period, the things that he learned from the New Thought teachings, and how he used them to improve his life. At age 56, the author found himself in bondage in the traditional Protestant church. The bondage resulted from the inability or unwillingness of the traditional Protestant church to address the new changes in his life. He accelerated his journey from bondage to true freedom when he learned the Spiritual Laws and started to apply them in a balanced and focused way. He expanded his consciousness endlessly and saw his words, thoughts, ideas, imaginations, beliefs, desires, aspirations, emotions, intentions, and concepts manifest along the lines of his conscious thoughts. As his consciousness expanded and the manifestations appeared, he acquired new powers and possibilities. This is how God works with him in the Universe. This is how God can work with you in the Universe. God is impartial. What God has done for others, He will do the same for you. The goal of this book is to explore ways that Catholicism and Protestantism can reform for the better using some of the New Thought (Higher Thought) techniques. This need for reform is driven by the continuous evolvement in consciousness of people in the universe. The traditional religions can be helped by better understanding the expanded consciousness of her members and finding new ways to address them without resistance. As their consciousness evolves, the traditional religions will need to be flexible enough to address the changes. If the traditional religions fail to address the continuous evolvement in consciousness of her members, the members will tend to move away from them. This fact is demonstrated throughout this book with 156 years of history.

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About the Author :

Dr. Frazier was born in Senatobia, Mississippi. He was valedictorian of the Hernando Central High School class of 1970. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry; a Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry; and a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry. He served as a college professor, division chair, dean, provost, executive vice president, interim president, and consultant in colleges and universities for more than 30 years. He is a licensed and ordained minister. He is President of Divine Fulfillment Institute. He is a well sought after keynote speaker in churches, educational institutions, community organizations, businesses, and government. Dr. Frazier is the author of twenty-two (22) books: (1) Journey into my Soul; (2) Converting Thoughts and Words into Things and Advancements; (3) Branded with African Blood; (4) Mississippi beneath the Surface; (5) Co-Creating my Better Life Now; (6) Nana Kwame Speaks; (7) Meet the Fraziers; (8) Experiencing the Infinite; (9) Total Healing, Part 1, Foundations of Healing; (10) Total Healing, Part 2, Practical Applications of Healing; (11) Total Healing, Part 3, Spiritual and Natural Healing; (12) I am African, Born in America, Two Homes; (13)Africa: The Other Side; (14) African Queen Willie Mae, The Biography; (15) Climbing Higher, the Autobiography of Leroy; (16) Practical Spirituality; (17) Life Transformation through Faith; (18) Finding and Living your Life Purpose; (19) Non-Traditional Christ Jesus; (20) Early Spiritual Enlightenment; (21) The Protestant Church Movement; and (22) The New Thought Church Movement. Dr. Frazier is the father of five children (four sons and one daughter). He is the grandfather of ten grandchildren (five grandsons and five granddaughters). He is the godfather of hundreds of children throughout the world.

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