alan gould cosmopolitan renegade

ISBN 13 : 9781511417877

cosmopolitan renegade

9781511417877: cosmopolitan renegade

Warped whisky stories..... Maverick film-maker and cult legend Sonny Pallance decides to bail out of cold war divided Berlin to start afresh on a second life rebirth. Selling weird wine and whisky in New Orleans - the photographic negative of Pallance’s hometown – provides an idyll, a suitable refuge from the brickbat political turmoil and his failed artistic celluloid endeavours. Through chance, luck and coincidence – lank, reckless, foolish writer and obscure movie nut Laurence Coke befriends the M.I.A ex auteur. He manages to convince Pallance of the ridiculous idea of penning a wild and exaggerated tale of fiction based on his roller coaster life and times. There then follows a trail, the denouement of which could either spell the end of both of their lives or an unexpected twist and enhancement of their existence, in the most unusual of occurrences. Featuring: ...Chet Baker’s trumpet in West Berlin, the ghost of Johnny Thunders in New Orleans, cold war chicanery, dice thrown, wild card cheating, night-time prowlers, political hustlers, sated lions in New Jersey, drug pensioners on the Cote d’Azur, skin like an alligator, eyes on fire....

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