The Aliens and the Earth's Water

9781511426077: The Aliens and the Earth's Water
Note de l'éditeur :

For many children, the first day of school remains unforgettable. But for the nine-year-old Ethan White, this day is the beginning of a truly memorable adventure. Going to school, the boy is literally sucked by an intergalactic portal and finds himself into an unimaginable new world. So begins the space adventure of Ethan, which will face him with representatives of extraterrestrial races on other planets, and give him the chance to become a real hero. At the same time, the 14-year-old Memo – a humanoid alien – is coming to the Earth. Separated from his ship, Memo cannot survive on our planet, but thankfully Ethan comes to the rescue. Even though it is hard, the Earth boy manages to return Memo and the spaceship back to their planet. But will Ethan be able to return to his?

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