Far Above Rubies (Volume One): A Four Year High School Unit Study for Young Women

9781511691802: Far Above Rubies (Volume One): A Four Year High School Unit Study for Young Women
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REVISED 2016 EDITION! Far Above Rubies Volume One is a unit study homeschool curriculum for Jr. High and High School young ladies (ages 12 through high school graduation). It is designed to cover all subjects (except math and advanced science) for a complete high school education, and includes many suggestions for expanding into specialized areas of interest.

Author Lynda Coats provides a well-rounded curriculum useful for college preparatory purposes as well as offering a number of business and vocational skills -- but the primary goal of Far Above Rubies is to help Christian young ladies develop their character and abilities for useful service to the Lord within the family setting. We hope to help maturing Christian girls understand the importance of homemaking as a full-time profession, even for a woman who may have another profession or occupation as well. This curriculum (based on Proverbs 31: 10-31) stresses the importance of a woman making her family her number one Earthly priority in terms of time and emotional commitment, and of seeing this as her life ‘calling' from God.

The Perfect "Self-Directed" Course for Jr. & Sr. High Girls!

Far Above Rubies is meant to be a “self-directed” curriculum, which can be customized by both parents and the student, to best fit your girls' interests, goals and learning style. Students can "pick and choose" the assignments they wish to focus on to fulfill their course requirements. The point of this curriculum is not to slavishly track down all the resources mentioned herein, nor is it to “get everything checked off”. Rather, it is designed to give you a solid, practical and proven framework upon which the student can build a customized, self-directed course of jr. high and high school study.

What Else is Needed?

Although most required college prep studies are included in Far Above Rubies, you will need to add higher math and perhaps some additional science. Very few additional resources are mandatory, though many supplemental books, videos and online resources are suggested throughout the studies - most of which can be found online or via a local library. If students have any difficulty locating a specific resource, they are free to find comparable online or printed resources on their own. Again... this curriculum is completely self-directed so the student can make it what she wants it to be. It's your choice!

Far Above Rubies, Volume One contains UNITS 1 - 10. Volume Two, also available on Amazon, contains UNITS 11 - 20.

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