The Captain of Her Heart: Omnibus

9781512124392: The Captain of Her Heart: Omnibus
Présentation de l'éditeur :

This is the collected 3-part series by Laran Mithras. Included is Captain of Her Heart, Assassin's Gambit, and Pirate's Passion. The Captain of Her Heart: Danielle is a mechanic on a freighter and is often mistaken for a small man. On a transport mission she meets the military man whose magazine picture hangs on her wall. Does the captain even notice her? Their relationship spawns a rebellion. The Captain of Her Heart, Assassin's Gambit: Implanted with cybernetics and trained as an assassin, Marie is sent to eliminate rebel leaders on a distant planet. But she is haunted by glimpses of memory that grow in power. She will come face to face with the rebel soldier sent to kill her. Will he disobey his orders? The Captain of Her Heart, Pirate's Passion: Vivien is an officer in the Terran Army. Sent on a mission to a rebellious planet, her transport is boarded by a pirate and she is taken captive. The pirate is handsome and even though a criminal, seems to harbor an honor that Vivien can't escape. Will she sign her own death sentence helping this captivating man? This 422 page book is the complete Captain of Her Heart storyline. MF, only. No cliffhanger, no endless chapters, this omnibus is a stand-alone story.

Biographie de l'auteur :

Laran Mithras is a pen name for an author who writes erotic fiction in various genres. Aspiring to give the reader a memorable experience and satisfying ending, Laran aims to deliver a story-based romance. The author brings normal people together into extraordinary situations and bonds them - satisfying the deep ache in our hearts for passion and love. WARNING: Be prepared for hot sex, lust and love set in stories about ordinary people. Laran's books are about hearts that develop a connection - not about rippling biceps, six-pack abs, or humongous, whomping breasts. The reader will find laughs, tears, and love. WARNING! This author will not put out 15 pages and charge $2.99 in an endless series of cliffhanger BS to milk money from customers.

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