Joseph Bradley Alexander Tod

ISBN 13 : 9781512268362

9781512268362: Tod
Présentation de l'éditeur :

Tod, a novel. ...but not a novel idea. Take The Mark: Buy this novel. Read this novel. Forever knowing and acknowledging that you are not one of the sheep, but a free mind. Mythology says you were kept as ignorant pets in a perfect zoo for amusement. And that you were set free to find knowledge and cure even death. The author introduces himself in the first chapter. Who he claims to be is beyond belief. Lucky for you this has nothing to do with faith as perfect vanity must be realized because Evil desires you have real knowledge of it. Nothing is left unseen, hidden, or reliant upon sheep like servile lives of unquestioning lemming like thought. Quite to the contrary, this author wishes you to know all that he is, because he is. It is not the greatest feat to make the world believe that you do not exist. The greatest feat is to convince one small confused fearful disorganized forgetful mind at a time that you do. Perfect Evil walks the Earth in human form, and this book is his introduction of himself to you. What may seem as fantastic fantasy, just became so very real, because I exist in your world. Hello World. I am.

Biographie de l'auteur :

The worst thing that could ever exist...does.

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