Awakening: Defending nature is our ultimate adventure

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9781512368307: Awakening: Defending nature is our ultimate adventure
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The 21st century is ending. The post-apocalyptic world is ravaged by deserts. Everything changed but not for the best. Young Ambar fights to make sense of reality. She tries to find true love and a way to reforest the dying planet.

Her profound otherness is undeniable and unmanageable. Society depends on technology for survival. Her love for what little nature remains is considered a crime. So is her passion for Enki, a boy who lives in the last forest, where mysterious powers hide.

Her mother's prejudices and plans, her father's absence and the taboos and lies of society make her lose all desire to live. Had she better disappear? Or become “normal”? Are there any other options?

In the midst of her confusion a series of unexpected events turns her world upside down. Whether she wants to be or not, she is a Madya. Can she truly fly? Can she really enter people's minds? And what horrors and splendors hide there in the depths?

A long and arduous journey opens up in front of her. A mission of hope for her and the world. Awakening is only the first step. She is not alone.

In this first novel of the series ‘The Last Forest’ Yuriria Harris conjures up a vibrant post-apocalyptic world that is as tender and tragic as it is creepy and jarring. Action, romance, heartbreaks and hope intertwine in a direct and simple style with a profound questioning of humanity, ecology and the future. The result is an intense blend of adventure, fantasy, science, and bucket loads of emotion that will leave no-one untouched.

- "As you can see, we can't swim in the sea anymore," Enki shouts so I can hear what he says between the gusts and the turbulence. "But we can still fly! And nobody will take that away from us. Never! Because the air is far vaster than the greatest of egos."

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