Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups

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9781513703329: Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups
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Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups? Startup investors are achieving 20%, 40%, and higher rates of return. Whether you’re investing in early-stage companies, raising capital for your startup, or just interested in how angel investors really make their money, Startup Wealth will unravel the mystery surrounding startup capital. Startup Wealth delivers engaging interviews with early- stage investors in Google, Invisalign, ZipCar, Uber, Twilio, Localytics, and other successful and not so successful companies. Find out how an amazing IPO can result in early investors getting pennies on the dollar—or a 10x+ return.? Josh Maher profiles 23 of the country’s best investors over the last two decades by way of real-world case studies. Through revealing interviews, readers are introduced to Mark Suster, Catherine Mott, Christopher Mirabile, Brad Feld, Allan May, Joanne Wilson, and many other accomplished angel investors and venture capitalists. In these interviews you’ll learn:? • How the best investors think about identifying companies, negotiating terms, and partnering with founders and other investors • How angel investing can involve many different successful approaches • What the best investors have learned from their largest successes and failures • How investors design their portfolios and work with companies to achieve the most successful results.? Startup Wealth is an insightful and useful tool for anyone seeking to make better investments, select great investors, or raise early-stage capital for their business.? “There is nothing better when it comes to learning ‘best practices’ than hearing from successful people in the trenches. Josh’s book captures the best of the best, as they reveal both what worked and what didn’t for them as angel investors and entrepreneurs. Required reading whatever side of the investing fence you’re on!”?—Gerry Langeler, Managing Director at OVP Venture Partners. Co-founder of Mentor Graphics (NASDAQ: MENT). Author of The Success Matrix and Take the Money and Run! An Insider’s Guide to Venture Capital.

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Josh Maher is the president of Seattle Angel, a not-for-profit organization focused on strengthening the startup capital market in the Pacific Northwest. Josh is a Seattle-based investor and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience building and investing in new-technology businesses. More of Josh’s profiles of great investors can be found online at You can find his writings on building companies and investing at and you can always find him on Twitter @joshmaher.

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