Freedom: Conformity is self-imposed slavery (The Lion Roared) (Volume 1)

9781514156469: Freedom: Conformity is self-imposed slavery (The Lion Roared) (Volume 1)

A human family gives birth to a child, who at the age of one undergoes a metamorphosis and by the age of six his appearance becomes akin to that of a big cat. The story deals with the resulting bewilderment of the parents, as to how and why this happened, the conflicts, and coping with the situation and societies pending reaction to the disfigured child. Confused and desperate to protect the child and themselves, they come up with a plan with the help of their good friend Ivan to make Leo, the child, disappear during a voyage to the South Pacific. The staged plan backfires when Leo is confronted by a crew member, gets into a scuffle with him, and the two ending up going overboard on the way to Tahiti. The parents search and find Leo on Niau. There the parents are met by a wounded alien large cat, a representative of the ‘Aurelian’. They find out their child is highly intelligent and telepathic. The Aurelian’s intention is to help humanity steer away from their path of self-destruction through greed, racism, religious fervour, prejudice and aggressive tendencies and towards achieving a higher level of awareness. They meet and falling in love with a young mystical woman, Vai, and her sister Hinanu. From an already liberal mind-set, Leo’s appearance and Vai’s insights catapult them into an emotional rollercoaster ride of personal growth and awareness and into a position to become role models for humanity. They enter into a sizzling love triangle with mutual consent. The Galactic Union has stagnated and could benefit from human influx. Without their prejudice and profiteering and judgmental attitudes, humans could contribute with fresh thinking to a stagnating alien society. But changes in attitude must precede this, and in exchange, humanity will gain access to mindboggling technology that allows bridging thousands of light year distances instantly. Also they will access anti-gravitational and energy manipulating devices to move and shape objects, and receive medically advanced knowledge that will eliminate every known illness from the DNA level up, and the ability to harness the energies of any matter for conversion into usable industrial and household energy demands without depleting, endangering or exploiting Earth’s resources. Political domineering and supremacy thinking will become outdated, segregation becomes non-existent. The first and second book, “FREEDOM”, and “AWAKENING” deals with the human dilemma of self-imprisonment due to conformity, prejudice and conditioned thinking and offers possible alternate solutions to escape this prison. The third and fourth book, “BEGINNINGS” and “CHANGES” tells the tale of the meeting of the Aurelian race and revelation of their aim to save humanity from their self-destructive path with the message: Change or Perish. A trickle of alien technology in the hands of Gábor, Helena, Vai, Ivan and Leilani serves as incentive for humans to change. Most humans are for change, but some would like to put their hands on alien technology to extend their power base. The fifth and sixth book, “AVALANCHE” and “INERTIA” (in progress) is about the changes, and the resistance of multinational corporations, mainstream religious institutions and interest groups to maintain the status quo and attempt to prevent the changes, and how alien technology and human ingenuity combined, sidesteps confrontation without much violence or destruction. The final two books, “EXPANSION” and “UNION” attempts to consolidate the different species and beings into a society that is thriving on mutual cooperation without ideological infestation or religious oriented moral concepts. Most of the races are living their lives based on cause and effect, and it is the predominant view across the galaxy. Humans join into a harmonic coexistence of vastly different intelligent life forms without preconceived ideas and concepts. They come to realize that in the acceptance of the differences lies peace.

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About the Author :

André thought he was born on planet Earth, but his parents argued that and revealed to him the truth about his origin at the age of four. According to them his origins are not even from this galaxy, they said, but another, far, far away and strange universe and a stork dropped him by accident onto Earth. That may be the truth. Two and a half year later a sister was found under a rosebush. That may be true as well. Evidently his parents didn’t hear about the normal procreation procedures and left it to probable and rare incidences to have children delivered to them by intergalactic avian beings or have them in the middle of winter stuffed under some thorny bushes by some Eastern Bunny with a lousy sense of seasonal timing. Without a fixed address, André travels single-handed around in the South Pacific on a sailing vessel and makes his living wherever he goes and on lonely journeys comes up with ideas to write about. Assisted by pitfalls, setbacks on a personal level and in perpetual shortage of funds, he gets his views and ideas through observation of people and situations and these stories reflect some of the conclusions he’s made. He claims that everything he knows he had learned from his cats and the ocean and it is remarkable that he survived the lessons.These stories are not necessarily the view of the majority of people and André could have learned the easy way when to keep his mouth shut, but had little success with that. However, he found a way to say what he felt needed to be said by writing it down in form of fiction.

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